Ne pas prendre à la légère le 'Health & Safety' au UK

Voici un couriel que j'ai reçu aujourd'hui. Je vous mets au défi de le lire sans sourire...
This is an automated request, sent on behalf of the department, to help ensure your continued health from using your computer or other related display screen equipment.   The incorrect use of computers can cause associated health problems such as musculoskeletal disorders, eye effects and fatigue or stress.  The University has produced a web-based training program to further explain these risks and asks that you complete this training, before conducting an assessment of your specific computer or display screen equipment.  Please go to and follow the relevant links.  If you don't know your Oxford username and password there are links on the sign-on page to help you.  If you have already completed the training, then you will be taken directly to the assessment stage for a follow-up assessment.  If you have any concerns or questions relating to this request please contact your Administrator, Departmental Safety Officer or Departmental DSE Assessor.


  1. Est-ce qu'ils offrent un p'tit massage pour contrer les effet musculo-squelettiques indésirables?

  2. Probablement pas un massage, mais tea & cake...sûrement!


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