'Health & safety' avant tout!

Vous connaissez sûrement le besoin qu'on les Anglais d'avoir un 'health & safety plan' pour presque tout. Le e-mail que je viens de recevoir en est un bon exemple.

Are you safe cycling in Oxford?

Please see details of the staff cycling training provided by the
University Estates Directorate (http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/estates/travel).

This is done in partnership with Oxford Cycle Workshop Training (OCWT)

Cycling in Oxford is a very good idea (it?s often the fastest way of
getting round the city and research has shown that the more people cycle,
the safer it becomes) but there are some important things you need to know
to keep yourself safe.

That's why we asked OCWT to come up with a seminar that answers the
question "What do staff need to know about cycling?".

They said "We are Oxford cyclists and we are road traffic experts. In 45
minutes, we can:

Show your staff how to efficiently negotiate bus & car traffic
Manage the pedestrian/tourist threat and even how to work around other
How to cycle more easily and get where you want faster - whether in
Oxford, or any other city in the World."
I reckon that's worth attending!

Efficient Cycling in Oxford, by OCWT

A free 45 minute seminar and 45 minute question time (optional) starting
at 12.30pm on Monday 8th March in the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre
lecture theatre (http://www.mstc.ox.ac.uk/building).
At the end of the session you will be given the chance to sign-up for a
further free 2 hour Cycle Maintenance Course and/or a free one-to-one
On-Road Commuter Cycle Training.
To attend the seminar please email jared@ocwt.coop by the 5th March

- Your name and department/college
- Email address


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